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Text 31 Dec And here we are…

It is five in the morning here in Texas and I, for some reason, am still awake. Is it because I just can’t sleep? Do I have to much on my mind? Well its Christmas break and I’m barely working. Also really all I did today was OWN at fruit ninja and see the new Hobbit movie. I don’t really have a lot to think about at the moment. Maybe I can’t sleep because I’ve been stimulating by brain with none stop Netflix for about five hours. I’ve gotten hooked on that show Being Human. Not the American one but the one from BBC. I have actually already been watching the American one which isn’t bad. I actually like it even though I never got into the whole Twilight vampire werewolf obsession that was sweeping the nation. I’m actually relieved its over. I’ve always been more of a Potter person anyway. :-)

But I may like the BBC one better. Yeah it may be really fast paced and not a whole lot of plot development and build but that’s because over in the Great Britain television is alotted like seven episodes a season. Much different from the 24 episodes a season we have in the USA. But I must say that the BBC one, even though slightly more, well nude, than than America’s adaptation has its own humor and quirks which I like. For example, the vampire character in the show (Mitchell in the BBC; Aidian in the US version) is to me completely different. In the US version even though Aidian can be slightly witty around his friend Josh, who is the awkward and socially annept werewolf, Aidian is one bummed out, emo dude that can’t stop pursing his lips. Like ever. His lips are always pursed. It drives me insane. And this vampire seems to be the main character of the entire show. He is a bad guy trying to be good but can’t stop slipping up but then josh calls him out on it and he feels bad but does it anyway. The entire show, I’ve discovered his him being sorry for himself while pursing his lips to show his disappointment in not just himself but all of vampirekind and mankind alike. (Small cut to werewolf and ghost time) and then back to the vampire sob story.

Mitchell, is one cool vamp in the BBC. (And not just because he plays Kili, the best looking and coolest dwarf companion of Bilbo Baggins in the new Hobbit movie.) Number one: he is always eating. Aidain doesn’t eat and likes to mention how he can’t eat and starts to freak out without blood. This Mitchell guy has got the vamp thing down. I mean, he is rarely in a scene where he is not eating something. First episode, first introduction, and he basically ate a whole piz:za himself. That’s a cool vampire. And so far he’s been totally cool without blood. Also cool. Number two: this guy doesn’t hog camera time. The story is well divided between each of the three characters. No more crying vampire. Finally: this guy wears cool gloves without finger parts. Only he can pull this off by being so cool. He even wears them over his shirts. I’m so jealous.

See. I have an over stimulated brain. All it runs on is old TV on Netflix. Welcome to my life. But it doesn’t matter I have figured out why I can’t sleep. Anyone who knows me knows I can be a bit of a…future companion. Yes, I am a Doctor Who fan. For christmas my mom thought it would be funny to get me a night light that looked like the TARDIS. (Thanks mom. Subtle hint) But it didn’t work. I love it and its been glowing brightly in the dark since I pulled it out of my stocking Christmas Day. But it is kind of bright. But it looks so cool!! Would I continue to sacrifice sleep in order to have a TARDIS glowing in my room? Yes. I can’t help it. Its just so cool!!!

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Quote 30 Oct
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." —George Eliot
Text 28 Oct About me…

I’m a slacker and a procrastinator. I like to learn new things but hate school. I want to be wealthy but without the satisfaction of making a career. I have more friends on facebook than I do in real life. I like the idea of being a video game junkie more than actually being one. I love the feeling of a “job well done” but I don’t take the time to do a good job. My ambition and motivation are somewhat non existent, except when it comes to world travel, and even then those two qualities are short of stock. I watch T.V. constantly, read when I’m bored of T.V. and study the night before an exam, so I pass but just barely. Basically, I’m like everyone else in the world, but in a way that’s entirely my own.

Text 10 Feb

This is my first post…cool.

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